WEEK 2: October 29 - 31 | HAITI

This week is a celebration of Mambo Ayizan’s legacy as a protector of sacred knowledge, markets, and doorways. In many ways, Ayizan teaches us that cultural knowledge is the true currency of exchanges in the marketplace.  Haiti has a prolific history of alliance with and support of Black/Indigenous Nations seeking to free themselves of colonial oppression. This week we invoke the continuum of that legacy into the future by hosting cultural exchanges between Haitians, Indigenous Taiwanese, and Blak Peoples (First Nations of so-called-australia). 

This week was Co-Curated by Jean-Paul Weaver and Dafina Toussainté McMillan.

Mambo Ayizan

Mambo Ayizan by HaitiDansCo

October 29th Friday 7:00 pm MST

World premiere of an original work created by Haitian Vodou Folklore Master Choreographer/Teacher Dieufel Lamisere with Haiti Dans Co.

Mambo Ayizan is the first chapter of a longer story. This chapter depicts a section of the Vodou ceremony to the Lwa Ayizan in which the dancers are preparing for the arrival of the next leader of Haiti. A leader who Lamisere believes must be a woman who carries the spirit of Mambo Ayizan. In many ways, this piece is a prayer and preparation for the next spiritual and political awakening in Haiti–for Haiti to have their first female president. 

AYIZAN vodou symbol

Global Online Conversation:
Mambo Ayizan | Genetic Evocation Reawakens Inter-Indigengational Markets

October 29th Friday 7:30 pm MST

After the 30-minute performance, join a post show global panel discussion about Mambo Ayizan highlighting Inter-Indignational experiences and a vision for Indigenous People and nations returning to a biospheric network of trade through knowledge-based storytelling.

Photo of Cerulean

Global Online Conversation:
Indigenous Futurism in Drag

October 30th 3:00pm MST

This conversation with Drag artists explores the future and legacy of drag culture that is steeped in queer Black and Indigenous liberation and empowerment.


Global Online Conversation:
Purpose Productions Beyond Borders
An Inter-Indigenational Conversation

October 31st 3:00pm MST

Join an Inter-Indignational conversation that examines the synchronicities between the Trans-Atlantic Black/Indigenous experience and the Austronesian Indigenous experience.

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