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Current Investigation:

The 21st Revolutions International Theatre Festival

October 20th-November 6th, 2021 

Festival Tickets and Registration

All events except The Reptilian Lounge and ZOO MOTEL will have a Pay-What-You-Decide  structure to ensure cost is not a barrier to access or participation. 

To register for virtual festival events, please visit: Registration for online events.

Once you register, you will receive access to all of the online shows and global conversations. You do not need to register for each show.

To buy tickets for ZOO MOTEL by Thaddeus Phillips please visit: Tickets for ZOO MOTEL

To buy tickets for The Reptilian Lounge, please visitTickets for The Reptilian Lounge

No tickets are required for the Kickoff Party.

If it is a hardship to see any of the ticketed shows, please contact us at and we will assist you as much as we are able to access tickets.

| October 22nd Friday 7:00pm MST |

The 21st Revolutions International Theatre Festival Kickoff 

  • In person event. Vaccines and masks required; social distancing strongly encouraged.
  • Fusion Forum 708 1st Street NW Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Revolutions is back! We are all so grateful to come together safely in any capacity, whether that’s virtually or in person. Come stop by and eat some snacks, chat while you have a drink and listen to the amazing musical stylings of Los Metamorfos! Since this is one of our in person events, proof of vaccination is required. Please make sure to bring your vaccination card or a photo of your card so you can join the fun.


| Wednesday, October 20 -Sunday October 24th at 7pm MST |

Zoo Motel by Thaddeus Phillips 

A live theatrical event created for the here & now, ZOO MOTEL is an exploration of the possibilities of live theater and the magic of cinema. ZOO MOTEL opened in September of 2020 and has since become the longest running live theatre work presented via the World Wide Web to spectators from across the world.

The live transmission comes directly from the Colombian studio of theatre director, designer, and performer Thaddeus Phillips where he and artist Steven Dufala have transformed the studio into a magical motel room where time stops, mysterious and illuminating stories emerge from across the globe & analog objects take on their own potent meaning.


This feature is a partnership with Thaddeus Phillips and the cost of tickets are $25 Wednesday, October 20 through Saturday, October 23.  *Sunday festival ticket will honor the festival’s pay what you can method, by entering the following codes:

  • PAY15 – For $15 tickets
  • PAY10 – For $10 tickets
  • PAY5 – For $5 tickets

Limited to only 25 audience participants nightly, who check into virtual “rooms”.

| Saturday, October 23 at 3:00 pm MST |

The Lookout 

Presented by Duncan Playful Circus and Almar Ola de Circo 

Created by the CIRPUERTO Ensemble under the guidance of Dondier Buitrago, Janer López Lechuga and Carolina “Coicoi” Duncan 

The Lookout  features artists from the Caribbean coast of Colombia who will delight us with their talents in circus techniques. A variety of skills and fun! Aerial fabrics, unicycle, tight rope and juggling featuring young artists. *This is a family friendly performance!

Artistas de la costa caribeña de Colombia nos deleitan con sus talentos en técnicas de circo. Una varíete de habilidades y diversión. Telas aéreas, monociclo, cuerda tensa y malabares! *Este espectaculo es familiar!

| October 23rd Saturday 4:00 pm MST |

Global Online Conversation: Circus Education is a Social Movement

After the 60 minute performance, we will take a short intermission before showing documentary, Una ola de circo frente al mar/A circus wave, a 7-minute short about the creation process of the youth circus ensemble, CIRPUERTO, in Puerto Colombia, followed by a global conversation with circus arts students in Albuquerque and Colombia exploring the following themes: What is the impact of circus education in the midst of global and national crisis? How does circus education contribute to movements of social change and connectivity? What new opportunities are opening up as a result of exploring circus in the realm of life within pandemic times?

| October 24th Sunday –  11:00am |

Flexibility and Strength: Circus-focused routine for Daily Practice

This is a limited online education workshop for Albuquerque circus students and Colombian circus teachers. For more information, please contact us at



| October 29th Friday 7:00 pm MST |

Manbo Ayizan by HaitiDansCo

World premiere of an original work created by Haitian Folklore master Dieufel Lamisere

Mambo Ayizan is the first chapter of a longer story. This chapter depicts a section of the Vodou ceremony to the Lwa Ayizan in which the dancers are preparing for the arrival of the next leader of Haiti. A leader who Lamisere believes must be a woman who carries the spirit of Mambo Ayizan. In many ways this piece is a prayer and preparation for the next spiritual and political awakening in Haiti–for Haiti to have their first female president.  This piece presents Haiti as a mother of revolution. A feminine spirit of land-based healing that has the spiritual ability to exorcise the demons of exploitation and corruption. A prophetic dream that depicts Haiti as a she/her/hers leading her people into a golden and iridium age of healing and prosperity.

| October 29th Friday 7:30-9:00pm MST |

Global Online Conversation: Mambo Ayizan: Genetic Evocation Reawakens Indigengational Markets

| October 30th Saturday 3:00-5:00pm  MST |

Global Online Conversation: Indigenous Futurism in Drag

| October 31st Sunday 3-5:00pm MST | 

Global Online Conversation: Purpose Production: A Conversation with Kuliw 


| October 30th Saturday 9:00pm MST |

The Reptilian Lounge 

  • In person event. Vaccines and masks required; social distancing strongly encouraged.
  • Fusion Forum 708 1st Street NW Albuquerque, NM 87102

Just about anything goes at Albuquerque’s longest running and most popular variety show. The Reptilian Lounge has boasted some of the city’s most talented, irreverent, eye-popping artists, in addition to performers from all over the world – poets, actors, dancers, musicians, cactus players, jugglers, belly dancers, filmmakers, throat singers, stand-up comedians, and more! Fine traditions of the Lounge include (but are not limited to) creating art for change instigated by the acrobatic, moving, dancing “Target Girl” to tip the performers, ten second dance parties, door prizes, and SOCIABLE!

Tickets for The Reptilian Lounge


| November 5th Friday 7:00pm MST  |

The New Ray (from the Old but Robust Torch) 

Presented by Rwangyezi Stephen’s world renowned Ndere Troupe presents live Indigenous dance from East Africa filmed in Uganda

The very first creatures to evolve into modern human beings by walking on two legs and innovating modern civilization such as making tools and weapons, building houses, growing crops, domesticating animals and entertaining themselves with music, dance and stories, were in the East African region – especially in present day Uganda and Tanzania. These original human beings then spread out and populated the rest of the world where they changed both physically and culturally in response to the different climatic and geographical conditions.

Later these transformed Africans from the diaspora returned to the continent in search of wealth and tried to dominate the ones who had stayed by wiping out the indigenous cultures.

Before these civilizations could be totally wiped out, Rwangyezi Stephen founded Ndere Troupe in 1984 as the thread to recapture, learn, develop and re-popularize this world heritage against all odds. The advent of COVID-19 is threatening to be the final razor to cut the human civilization thread.

| November 6th Saturday 10-11:30am MST |

Global Online Conversation: Indigenous Living Culture & Sustainability in African Arts

REGISTER HERE  for all online events. After you register, you will receive an email with instructions. You do not need to register for each event.



Ongoing investigations:

Manoa + Dely is a safe space for emerging artists to connect, exchange, and explore together.  Teaching artists guide young creatives through conversations, writing, devised theatre creations, and volunteer service based on the interests and goals of the group.=

The Maribarjoy Fund supports artist pay for New Mexico artists producing new work. Currently the Maribarjoy Fund is supporting “EVERY MINUTE” a new work written by Rhiannon Frazier, directed by Stephanie Grilo and featuring Katie Farmin, Michael Colby, Gerome Olona & Rhiannon Frazier. 

The Margo Chamberlain Adventure Fund is a fund to support young women and non-binary folks with travel support. Applications open October 1st, 2021. 

AFAHR Artists for All Human Rights is a financial and emotional support system for artists in crisis around the world. AFAHR is managed by Revo Inc.

The Eco Performance Institute is a collective of artists from across the world investigating the climate crisis and how artists can support change.

The Revolutions International Theatre Festival is a global performing arts festival that focuses on artistic work not routinely produced in the United States, work from underrepresented voices, and productions from countries and cultures stigmatized by misinformation or lack of contact and context. The festival is a celebration of art and culture, connecting people around the world to the people of New Mexico.

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