Mambo Ayizan by HaitiDansCo

Friday, October 29
7pm MST
  • Pre-recorded and streamed

The world premiere of an original work created by Haitian Folklore master Dieufel Lamisere

Mambo Ayizan is the first chapter of a longer story. This chapter depicts a section of the Vodou ceremony to the Lwa Ayizan in which the dancers are preparing for the arrival of the next leader of Haiti. A leader who Lamisere believes must be a woman who carries the spirit of Mambo Ayizan. In many ways this piece is a prayer and preparation for the next spiritual and political awakening in Haiti–for Haiti to have their first female president.  

Haiti is no stranger to struggle and obstacles. In all of this, there is a strong and indomitable spirit of resistance that is ingrained deep within the people of Haiti. This should come as no surprise since Haiti is the first Black Republic, the first country to abolish slavery, and the only successful slave rebellion in history. In addition to this, women have had an undeniably important role in the country’s emancipation from colonial forces.

This piece presents Haiti as a mother of revolution. A feminine spirit of land-based healing that has the spiritual ability to exorcise the demons of exploitation and corruption. A prophetic dream that depicts Haiti as a she/her/hers leading her people into a golden and iridium age of healing and prosperity.

More About the Performers

Founded in 2013 by choreographer Dieufel Lamisere, HaitiDansCo is a dance company based in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The company focuses on a uniquely Haitian contemporary style, a fusion of Haitian folkloric dance with classical ballet, modern and jazz. After teaching and performing in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Lamisere returned to Haiti following the catastrophic earthquake, to create opportunities for children, young people and adults to celebrate Haitian culture through dance through the professional dance company HaitiDansCo and its education and outreach arm Dance To Save Lives. Today HaitiDansCo is one of the few Haiti-based professional dance companies consistently performing a repertoire representative of Haitian culture.

Male Dancers

  • James Joseph
  • Osmane Joseph
  • Job Juissance
  • Michel Winchel

Female Dancers

  • Amandine Saint Martin
  • Christ Maika Joachim
  • Myriam Polycarpe


  • Dimitri Etienne
  • Fritzner Dauphin
  • Castra Saintil


  • Yonel Charles


  • Dieufel Lamisere ( Founder-Artistic Director/Choreographer/Culturist)
  • Louvensky Cantave (Photographer/Videographer/Editor)

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