Global Online Conversation
Mambo Ayizan: Genetic Evocation Reawakens Inter-Indigengational Markets

Friday, October 29
7:30pm MST
  • Pre-recorded and streamed

After the 30-minute performance at 7:00pm, join a post show global panel discussions about Mambo Ayizan with Dieufel Lamisere (Haiti), Tre Turner (Arrernte), Kuliw Taljialan (Paiwan) and Facilitator/Co-Curator Jean-Paul Weaver (Haitian-Amerian). The conversation will highlight Inter-Indignational experiences and a vision for Indigenous People and nations returning to a biospheric network of trade through knowledge-based storytelling. We invoke a sacred space for a vibrant and nourishing market to be re-established. One that returns to pre-colonial systems and is no longer regulated by colonial gatekeepers. Where culture and artistic expression are valued as their own forms of currency.


In Haitian Vodou, Mambo Ayizan is a Racine (or root) Lwa associated with Vodou rites of initiation ( Kanzo). She is regarded as the first and archetypal Mambo ( Vodou Priestess ). She is associated with priestly knowledge and mysteries, particularly those of initiation, and the natural world. Due to her incredible knowledge and command of the spirit world, if she chooses to be; she can be petitioned to reveal information, serve as an intercessor, and banish malevolent entities by exorcism.

She can create sacred spaces through her ability to cleanse, purify, and protect entrances, doors, gateways, barriers, public spaces, and markets. She protects against the Evil Eye, malice, envy, jealousy, and despises and punishes those who exploit others. Should you call on her for protection; you must be sure that it is not you who has enacted exploitation. Request that she protects you and supervises your spiritual growth.

Inspired by Ayizan being a protector of markets and doorways, this conversation envisions a future where Indigenous People who have been subjected to a history of exploitation and colonialism can rebuild their own markets. Where they can create exchange knowledge and opportunities on their own terms. Markets that exist outside of the colonial gaze and regulation. During this conversation, we will explore themes of displacement, language, and rituals, while embodying what an Inter-Indigenational market could look like in the near future.

More About the Panelists


Dieufel (He/Him/His) was born and raised in the Petion-Ville district of Port-Au-Prince Haiti, Mr. Lamisere was obsessed by the art of dance since his early teenage years. His career started at the age of 10 with the most recognized performing arts school in Haiti, RMT-Regine Mont-Rozier Trouillot.

Trained in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance with Nathalie Trouillot Dalzon, Mr. Lamisere also studied with Odette Wiener, founder and artistic director of the Ballet Bacoulou and Fenol Jean-Jacques. Mr. Lamisere also performed with RMT and La Compagnie des Jeunes De la Danse, who’s repertoire includes: Bal de Graduation, Don Quixote and the Little Mermaid. Mr. Lamisere performed and toured with the ballet Bacoulou (Bahamas, Martinique, France and Spain) and was a guest dancer with BFH-Ballet Folklorique d’Haiti for the production of Tezen. Mr. Lamisere also performed with Eddy Toussaint who was the artistic director of GBH (Grand Ballet of Haiti) and Les Grand Ballets of Canada.

Mr. Lamisere was the Founder and Artistic Director of EDCOM-Ethnic Dance Company and Artistic Director of the Capoise Dance Company in North Haiti. He worked with the MICIVIH as a dancer on A Quoi Sert la Liberte for human rights and performed in the 25th assembly of OEA in Port-au-Prince. After 6 long years of touring the world Mr. Lamisere decided to move to New York City and pursuit his dream of having his own Dance Company – this dream has come to life – HaitiDansCo.

With his based of operations in New York City, Mr. Lamisere spent 12 years promoting Haitian culture and exposing people around the world to the beauty and value of both the traditional and contemporary aspects of Haitian dance. After 12 years of touring with HaitiDansCo and teaching abroad, Mr. Lamisere decided to return home to continue his work with the RMT Academy of Dance and other dance companies of the capital. After one visit to Santo Domingo, Mr. Lamisere fell in love with the other side of Hispaniola.  He decided to stay and share his knowledge with the people of Santo Domingo. During his time in Santo Domingo, Mr. Lamisere worked with the Ballet Folklorico National, Ballet Teatro and Hispadanco. After spending one year in Santo Domingo, Mr. Lamisere decided to return home to Haiti to continue his work with his people.


Tre Turner (she/they/re) is a proud Arrernte Sistergirl gem, based in Naarm. Using drag as their main medium they dabble in spoken word and visual art. One of the title winners of the VIC NAIDOC LGBTQIA+ 2019 event and first runner-up Miss First Nations 2021. She has worked on ‘The Fae’ 2021 (Yirramboi), ‘Drag of Kwatye’ 2019 (Melbourne Fringe Festival), ‘Dis Rupt’ 2019 (Yirramboi) and ‘Lets Take Over presents: The Reveillon’ 2019 (Northcote Town Hall).


Kuliw is of the Paiwan tribe (one of 16 indigenous ethnic groups recognized by the government of Taiwan) and an educator of Indigenous culture and identity in Taiwan. He holds a Bachelor of Political Science and Ethnology from National Chengchi University in Taiwan, is a Master’s student in the graduate program of the Institute of Building and Planning at National Taiwan University, and runs Payuan Classic on Facebook and Instagram. He has been featured on Taiwan Indigenous TV, ICRT Radio Show, Community Convos Taiwan, The Expats International Ingrams (season two), and as a trainee news anchor (Paiwan language).

Facilitator / Co-Curator JEAN-PAUL WEAVER

Jean-Paul Weaver (she/her/hers) is a Haitian-American performance and visual installation artist. She holds a A.A. in Theatre and Dance from Casper College, an alumnus of Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet Training Program, and a self-taught visual artist. As a dancer, she has worked with many notable companies including Texture Contemporary Ballet, Staycee Pearl Dance Project, and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, and HaitiDansCo. She has been a resident artist at The Indy Convergence and Pearl Diving movement Residency (Madonna Gris), as well as presented original Movement installations for Santa Fe Outdoor Visions Festival, The Stars Hold Our Stories, Taint Caberet (Naarm/So-called Melbourne, AUS), and as a part of Dis rupt (Yirramboi Festival).

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