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Global Online Conversation: Indigenous Living Culture & Sustainability in African Arts

Saturday, November 6
10:00 – 11:30am MST
  • Live streamed event

Join a live conversation with artists from Uganda as we talk about Indigenous performing arts and the future of sustainability coming out of COVID.

More About the Performers


The word ‘endere’ means ‘flute’, the Ndere Troupe therefore means Flute Troupe.

The flute was chosen as a symbol of beauty as it produced such beautiful and irresistible music which can be manipulated to express a range of emotions; from sorrow to joy and from love to loneliness.

It also symbolizes universal unity, all peoples of the world have a flute in their cultures. The flute is like the blood that flows in our bodies no matter our external difference. The Ndere Troupe prides itself on emphasizing commonalities and celebrating the rich differences.

Historically in Africa, written words did not exist, therefore Africa’s cultural history literature, knowledge and wisdom were recorded and passed on to succeeding generations through the medium of performing arts, music, dance, story telling and poetry.

Pride in education, in efforts to salvage and conserve African heritage, the Ndere Troupe performs a repertoire of more than 40 authentic Ugandan dances and songs accompanied by various indigenous percussive, stringed and wind instruments. The Troupe engages in various projects aimed at keeping African generations educated about traditional entertainment and also uses traditional entertainment to spread knowledge about current issues such as modern farming techniques and HIV/AIDS.

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