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Revo Inc is an Albuquerque-based, non-profit dedicated to connecting and creating in intercultural environments with heart-centered collaboration

Revolution 1. A radical and pervasive change in society; 2. The rotation of a celestial body on its axis. Incorporated from Latin corporare “combine in one body.”

          Relationship Before Task 

Revo Inc supports a variety of programs, people, and organizations around the world who are dedicated to cultivating collaboration, conversation, peace, creative thinking, playfulness, community building, hospitality, and international diplomacy through the performing arts.

Revo Inc and our local and international partners create an experience of global citizenship and healthier communities around the world through artistic exchange programs. These exchange programs allow us to come together to share our uniqueness and similarities. They use theatre, dance, music, writing, and visual arts as vehicles for nourishing active listening, peaceful conflict resolutions, problem solving, empathy, and connection. 

We believe that in order to live in a world positively and equitably transformed by radical imagination and radical love we need spaces in which to reckon with our past, exercise both truth telling and visioning, and embrace the wholeness and complexity of each other.  Exposure to world theatre and culture increases mutual understanding, inspires change, and empowers individuals to improve the overall quality of life for all people. By creating and supporting opportunities for international gatherings, ritual, and storytelling, Revo Inc amplifies a collective investigation into human possibility.  We see art as a cornerstone to our spiritual, philosophical, physical, and ideological wellbeing and evolution.  Art wakes us up.  Art feeds us.  Art reminds and inspires us to see each other, respect our planet, and reach for peace and unity.  


Revo Inc Programs

Revolutions- an international performance and workshop residency

The Manoa Project- a local emerging artists devised workshop

The Dely Project-  an international emerging artists devised workshop

The Reptilian Lounge- a performance laboratory for original work

Mother of Exiles- a theatrical  global residency investigating immigration, home, bias, solidarity, and identity

Maribarjoy Scholarships- a support fund for artists and students around the world


Revo Inc Partners

Ndere Troupe – Uganda

Summer Holmes Foundation – Uganda

Latin American Circus Collective – Colombia

Hand2Mouth Theatre – Portland, OR, USA

Teatr Figur Krakow – Poland

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Revolutions Inc cultivates relationship, kindness, hospitality, and international diplomacy through the performing arts. Revo Inc strives to be an inclusive, anti-racist organization where the diverse identities and backgrounds of artists and audiences are explored, honored, and celebrated.