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Revo Inc seeks to connect and co-create in intercultural environments with heart-centered groups of collaborators.

“Part of what keeps me alive also is the absolute assurance that what I do must be done. It is hardest to maintain this assurance alone, this is why it is so important for us to look around and decide who it is that we need to trust and reach out to. It is crucial to make support systems for ourselves to nourish us while we do what must be done.”
-Audre Lorde

Ndere Troupe from Uganda returns!

Revo Inc will host Ndere Troupe from Uganda for a two-week residency in New Mexico featuring workshops, gatherings, performances, and community conversation. 

Ndere Troupe from Uganda will be in residency  March 15th-30th.  Ndere will participate in a variety of exchanges including two public performances at Keshet, workshops for students at the University of New Mexico, The Dely Project,  a conversation about Native theatre with Two Worlds Native Arts, an educational exchange with Jemez Pueblo, and conversations around art and land with New Mexico community leaders. 


Ndere drummers

Join us for a conversation about global Indigenous theatre with Two Worlds Native Theatre and Performing Arts based in New Mexico and Ndere Troupe from Uganda.

Tuesday March 26th 7:00 PM

 The Experimental Theatre 203 Cornell Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
No admission fee
Moderated by Juli Hendren


Ndere dancers jumping

Mark your calendar for two spectacular performances featuring song, dance, and storytelling!

March 28th & 29th at 6:30 PM at Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts

Historically in Africa, written words did not exist. Therefore Africa’s cultural history, literature, customs, and wisdom were recorded and passed on to succeeding generations through the medium of performing arts, music, dance, storytelling and poetry.

Pride in education, in efforts to salvage and conserve African heritage, the Ndere Troupe performs a repertoire of authentic Ugandan dances and songs accompanied by various Indigenous percussive, stringed and wind instruments. The Ndere Troupe engages in various projects aimed at keeping African generations educated about traditional entertainment and also uses traditional entertainment to spread knowledge about current issues such as modern farming techniques and HIV/AIDS.

Admission is free to the public thanks to the City of Albuquerque Arts & Culture Department and Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts. 

RSVP for Thursday’s show

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Ssssssssssssssshhhhhhh… we’re doing a tiny Reptilian Lounge. We’re gettin’ the gang back together at 9:15 PM on Friday March 29th at The Annex.  More soon…

The Dely Project 2024 with visiting artists Ndere Troupe from Uganda

March 16th-24th

What happens when artists  from different countries are given the time and space to work together with the sole purpose of bringing forth new ideas and creative methods, and seeking pathways to solutions to the issues impacting them and their communities?

Ndere Troupe will collaborate with the 2024 Manoa ensemble on a series of workshops and gatherings to exchange artistic practices and ideas. Artists from New Mexico and Uganda will spend a week playing, eating, talking, listening, creating, and witnessing each other’s stories, and use artistic and cultural exploration as a vehicle for innovation and problem solving. Together they will name common issues and explore those subjects through music & song, writing, food, performance art, play, devised theatre for peacebuilding & communication, visual processing, resiliency theatre, and conversation with community. 

The Dely Project is an art-ivism space for unraveling global and local issues through collaborative arts. The Dely Project invites artists to investigate a variety of creative forms focusing on tools and techniques in active listening, empathy, peace building, and relationship building.  

Artists should be at every table. Artists bring the gift of relationship, creative thinking, and connection to every aspect of their work.

March 18th-24th The Manoa Project Ensemble of New Mexico and the Ndere Troupe of Uganda participate in the Dely Project which will culminate in a work demonstration March 23rd at 2:00 PM at The Box Performance Space.


The Ndere Residency and The Dely Project are made possible through partnerships with the City of Albuquerque Department of Arts and Culture, Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts, the University of New Mexico Department of Theatre & Dance, and Ted Jojola Ph.D. We are deeply grateful for their support. 


Additional Support made possible by the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Manoa Jojola Endowment at Albuquerque Academy, Harper College, St. Louis Community College, and individual donations. Revo Inc is a 501 c-3, non-profit organization. Please visit our support page to donate. 

Thank you for your support!

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The 2021 Revolutions International Theatre Festival highlighted the cultural wisdom, resilience and creativity of Colombia, Haiti and Uganda. 

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Revolutions Inc cultivates relationship, kindness, hospitality, and international diplomacy through the performing arts. Revo Inc strives to be an inclusive, anti-racist organization where the diverse identities and backgrounds of artists and audiences are explored, honored, and celebrated.